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SRI Issue 21
Now Available

Issue 21 is the Summer 2014 issue! Summer is such an exciting time in the self-reliant community. Time to go outside! Time for hikes, camping trips, growing and harvesting food, identifying edibles, and more! This issue we have packed full of articles to help you survive and thrive this summer.

  For skills this issue you can learn to make a friction fire, navigate without a map, create laces for your footwear, obtain and use goat’s milk, cook in a dutch oven, put up your garden harvest, practicing with air pistols, and how to determine whether an ankle is broken.

  We’ve got you covered on reviews too. Take an in-depth look at the Kelly Kettle USA Mid-Sized Scout Kettle. Author Tim Stetzer’s article should help you decide whether it would be a good addition to your kit. We have also included a review on the Shark Bite from SCAR Blades. Read about the features and functions of that blade. Also check out the book review on A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson.

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